How To Grow Organic Food. 8 Week Home Study Email Course, Created by Amy Todisco

by Amy on March 22, 2012

How To Grow Organic Food

8 Week Home Study Email Course

Created by Amy Todisco

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Money back guarantee: If after 30 days after the last lesson (#8), you are not satisfied with this email course, and you’ve read all of the material and completed all of the homework, I will refund your money. So, there’s really no risk to you. What have you got to lose?

This is an 8 week Learn As You Grow Email course, chock full of information (including videos and pictures) that will arrive in your email inbox each week.

  • Worried about maintaining your access to truly fresh, affordable, healthy food?
  • Did you know that even the best certified organic produce that you buy from the store is at least one week old? Think of all of those lost nutrients. Doesn’t it make sense to grow your own?
  • Thought about growing your own nutritious, organic food but need some guidance from someone who has done it for years?
  • Concerned about the health and environmental impacts of petroleum, synthetic chemical and GMO-based conventional farming?
It’s time to save money, improve your food’s nutritional value, reconnect with nature, and increase your food security by growing your own. With the How to Grow Organic Food 8-Week Email Course, you’ll learn all you need to know about how to plant, maintain, harvest and prepare homegrown vegetables and herbs.
It doesn’t really matter where you live or if you have a green thumb. Whether you prefer to grow vegetables in the ground, in pots on a sunny deck, or on your kitchen windowsill, we offer solutions for fledgling farmers of all types. This information packed, 8-week course is ideal for those who are creating their first garden or have had mixed success growing in the past. You’ll receive 8 weeks’ worth of detailed information, including how-to videos and pictures to get you growing in no-time!
• Why organically grown and what that means
• Choosing the best site and garden design (in the ground, pots, windowsill, sprouts)
• What tools and materials you will need
• Preparing your soil
• What and when to plant for your area
• Choosing seeds or seedlings or both
• How to plant seeds and/or seedlings
• Companion plants that help repel pests
• Other pest-repelling techniques
• Simple composting tips
• Harvesting how-to
• Growing organic sprouts
• Eating your bounty (ways to prepare your harvest, including some recipes)
• Useful green living tips about foodBetter Food Than Money Can Buy!

The How to Grow Organic Food 8-Week Email Course will teach you more than just how to garden organically… you’ll also become more food-savvy in general. I offer bonus information based on my 20+ year green living background, to increase your understanding of organic food. Delight your senses, get some fresh air and vitamin D-producing sunshine. Impress your family and friends with your harvest as well as your new knowledge. And, have a lot of fun.

Learn As You Grow: What You Get from This Organic Gardening E-Course:

A Garden of Inspiration. Each week, receive step-by-step “how to” organic gardening videos and photos to help you learn as you grow. Plus, get funny and inspiring garden quotes that I hand-picked myself.

Real Gardening Practice. Put these organic gardening lessons into real-life use. We offer weekly homework assignments to help you implement the steps. (Imagine I’m sitting on your shoulder whispering into your ear what to do next!)

Group Discussions for Gardeners. Find the answers to all your gardening questions! I’ve also included an online discussion group for all participants of this course. You get free access when you sign up.

Green Living Extras. Improve your food and gardening savvy with bonus tips on green living!

Planting the Seeds for Organic Gardening Success

Through the knowledge shared in this 8-week organic gardening e-course, you’ll also…

Empower Yourself. Become self-reliant as you learn how to grow your own healthy food. This is a skill you can use for years to come and share with others, especially kids.

Cultivate Connections. Invite family members to join you in your gardening pursuits. Pass along this amazing knowledge to your children. Kids who grow their own dinner really do learn to love eating vegetables!

Increase Earth Awareness. Become more aware of weather patterns, and the magical cycle of growing living green things that you can eat.

Find Time for Outdoor Pursuits! Spend some more time in nature, even if it’s just a sunny deck in the suburbs. Sunshine and fresh air do a body good; not to mention the exercise and relaxation you get from growing your own food.

Why Am I Teaching This Course?

In addition to my 20+ year background as a green living expert, four years ago I graduated from backyard organic gardener who grew on plots of land, sunny decks, and windowsills, to commercial grower on my boyfriend’s certified organic farm in the Mad River Valley of Vermont. Two seasons ago I started a successful cut flower business- Amy’s Organic Flowers. I sold creative, Vermont country style bouquets at the farmer’s market, farm stand, through a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), and for weddings and special events.

Sign Up in Time for the Spring Growing Season!

Money back guarantee: If after 30 days after the last lesson (#8), you are not satisfied with this email course, and you’ve read all of the material and completed all of the homework, I will refund your money. So, there’s really no risk to you. What have you got to lose?

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Maureen Wheeler April 11, 2012 at 7:39 pm

This is exactly what I have been looking for to share with my clients! The best thing people can do for their health is to eat fresh organic foods. Growing your own veggies has so much to offer – great exercise, Vit D from the sun, relaxing, getting in touch with nature, delicious food, saves money, no packaging… its a win/win/win! Amy thank you so much for doing this! xo, Maureen


Amy April 11, 2012 at 8:26 pm

Thanks so much, Maureen. Your support and endorsement means so much. And, if for some reason, a customer isn’t satisfied with the course within 30 days after the last lesson (#8) I will refund their money. So, it’s really a win-win situation.

When you consider the fact that most produce, including certified organic (unless it’s sourced locally), is approximately one week old by the time it hits the store produce shelf, who wants to lose all of those nutrients? There’s nothing like going outside your door (or on your sunny patio/deck, or even your indoor windowsill) and plucking ripe, nutrient rich, tasty produce for your meal that day. It’s fun to grow it yourself, not to mention the money savings too. But, I don’t need to sell you on it since you just signed up. Congratulations!


D.K. Sylvester April 14, 2012 at 7:52 pm

Hi Amy!
I could not agree with Maureen more, as I am so excited to share your course with my cients! (Thanks for the link Maureen!:))
I plan to sign up for your course myself and can’t wait to be your student!
Thanks for a great idea and for sharing your knowledge!
Happy Spring!
D.K. Sylvester, AADP certified
Nutrition/Wellness Consultant
Spokane, WA


Amy April 15, 2012 at 9:47 pm

Thanks so much, DK! It feels so great to get such positive feedback. I really appreciate your purchase of the course too. Look forward to “chatting” with you and Maureen on the discussion board if you would like to participate.

All the best,



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