Why Do We Work With Horses in Our Retreats?

by Amy on February 3, 2016

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In this video I share some of the reasons why my retreat goers spend a day working with Janis Cooper and her horses.

Horses are prey animals–that means they are often hunted by other animals in the wild. They’ve developed a very impressive sensory system that alerts them to danger. It also allows them to pick up on the subtlest of cues in body language, energy, and even thoughts. This acute sensitivity means that they are able to reflect back things to humans that we may not even be conscious of. They help us on our path of self discovery in such profound ways.

One retreat goer said, “In two hours I walked away with what would take a year in therapy.” And, she’s a therapist of 26 years herself.

Another retreat goer discovered that she wasn’t setting appropriate boundaries with her young son, who had been emotionally pushing her around, much like the horse she was trying to walk.

One woman realized through her interaction with a horse in her private round pen session that she was desperately craving affection in her life.

So many “aha” moments have come from working with horses.

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