Are you noticing how many people are feeling anxious and are looking for positive change more than ever these days—both personally and on a large scale?

Maybe you are one of them.

Many of us are tired of the status quo and know in our hearts and souls that there is a better life available for us. We just don’t know how to manifest it despite all of the personal and spiritual growth things we’ve tried over the years.

Once we start making positive changes, the people around us will start to notice a shift. And, that can lead to others becoming inspired and shifting in a positive direction too. Next thing you know, we are at a “tipping point” and things improve for everyone.

“If you want to bring a fundamental change in people’s belief and behavior…you need to create a community around them, where those new beliefs can be practiced and expressed and nurtured…

That is the paradox of the epidemic: that in order to create one contagious movement, you often have to create many small movements first.”

— Malcolm Gladwell, The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference

That’s why I started Your Turning Point Retreats & Coaching—we facilitate personal and small group transformation with the intention that it spreads with everyone that each client comes into contact with. The happier, healthier, fulfilled, prosperous, and joyful you are, the better it is for everyone. Right? I had so much more to offer than just my green living advice.

Isn’t it time to create powerful change from the inside out, learning from compassionate and supportive guides who have been transforming their own lives so that they can share what they’ve learned?

Welcome To Your Turning Point retreats.

It’s easier to describe what we’re not since it’s so unique and multi-dimensional. How is this different than what other retreats are offering? 

Not a Yoga Retreat in a Beautiful Place. 
Nothing wrong with yoga, it’s great, but it’s only one modality. Well, maybe two if you include meditation. It’s beautiful here, for sure, and we offer some yoga and/or meditation, but it’s not what defines our offerings.

It’s Not Just a Vacation. 
And, it’s not a vacation in the sense that you are just unwinding, getting a massage, playing in the river, hiking a mountain, and eating great food. Those happen too, but they are the side dishes.

We Don’t Do Group Therapy. 
We come from a life coaching perspective. That means we recognize that YOU are your own best expert. You are not broken in need of “fixing” (even if you feel this way at times). We just help you go from where you are today to where you want to be using some wonderful multi-dimensional tools that have worked for us.

And you’ll get to participate in a totally unique and powerful experience working with horses (on the ground) doing life coaching exercises. This is often where some of the most powerful “aha’s” come about during the live retreat. (Check out the video at the bottom and to your right for more information on this.) You can even be terrified of horses and get amazing benefits learning about how you show up to others while feeling safe.

You will learn and practice better listening and communication skills that you will take home with you. Imagine what that can do for your relationships.

It’s not just a “farm stay” on an organic farm.
But you will be staying in our beautiful new space overlooking the organic farm and our horses in the gorgeous Mad River Valley of Vermont. You will be eating locally grown organic food prepared by a local Chef- some of it grown on our farm.  Try a fresh veggie juice. Learn how to prepare simple organic, whole food, nutrient dense meals.

And, you will be doing some organic gardening—particularly the tasting and harvesting parts, with some planting and weeding thrown in for good measure—to get your hands (and maybe feet) in the dirt to connect with the Earth and with all of the beneficial micro-organisms, plants, birds, crickets, frogs, etc.

Is it Holistic Health “Training”?
It’s more of an introduction. You will get to listen and watch demos from some experts (Acupuncturists, herbalists, aromatherapists, massage therapists, sound healers, etc.) to see how those tools might work for you. You’ll even participate in an herbal workshop, and take home a tincture, balm, salve, tea or bath salts that you make.

Mindfulness Each Day Keeps the Stress Away
You will also get to develop a daily mindfulness practice that you can take home to consistently help relieve stress and respond to life’s ups and downs not just react.

Join us for this extraordinary time of self care, self reflection, and self mastery. For more information, check out my Retreat website.

Interested, but not sure that this is for you? I’m happy to chat with you on the phone. Complimentary 20 minutes. Contact me to arrange a time.