New in 2018- Experiential Food & Farm Tours

by Amy on January 15, 2018

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Food and Farm Tours are starting soon!

I’ve been refocusing my business by offering experiential food and farm tours
around the Mad River Valley of Vermont.

I help connect people with outstanding food, and the people that grow,
raise and produce it, through hands-on experiences.

The Vermont Food & Farm Tours will take you to farms and food producers
throughout the Mad River Valley of Vermont to get a hands on experience of
how exceptional food is grown, raised and produced; what truly local,
healthy food tastes like; and connects you with the hard working people that
grow, raise and produce it. Eat, Play, Learn.

Wander through an Vermont herb garden, smelling, tasting, looking and
learning about specific herbs and how they can act as natural medicine for
your body. Make an herbal product to take home. Share a farm fresh soup
and salad for lunch.

Or, meander through a forest seeking medicinal and culinary mushrooms.
Which ones are edible, which ones aren’t. Infuse a log with mushroom
spawn and take it home to “fruit”. Enjoy a farm fresh lunch.

Have you ever been to a hydroponic greenhouse where they grow plants in
water year round? Now you can. And, do a hands-on activity on a working
organic farm or two, get a tour, visit with the animals, pick and egg, and
understand how organic growing tastes better, is better for you, the land,
the water, the air, and animals too.

Website is coming soon. Check out our Facebook page.

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