“I would highly recommend Amy, as she’s able to provide you with the finest “green” products you can find anywhere in the world. I say this with certainty, as she researches, and even uses the products she sells. I love how on her website she will give you her own personal experience in a write up that is engaging, full of valuable information, and with just the right touch of humor. In other aspects, I have come to know, and cherish the brand of professionalism Amy embodies when it comes to any kind of business dealings. In an age where so many “claim” to be professionals in their field, I find it unacceptable how often these individuals get away with offering quick, and often useless information, and still manage to make a sale. Not Amy. Her word is her promise. A rare find in my honest opinion.”

Will Keyworth, Owner at Keyworth Graphics

“Amy was an early visionary pioneer in the field of Green Living. She has amassed a wealth of knowledge in this arena that is incomparable. While many people can talk about the current condition of things, she can see and talk to a future where we all live healthier and more holistically. Her positive, practical and insightful way of gently guiding us in that direction is full of heart and passion. She is a great asset to every project she works on and is enormously generous and collaborative.”

Theresa Langston, Web Designer/Consultant, Net-Spin

“One of the things I really like about Amy is that she’s an educator not a preacher when it comes to green living. So many green living advocates seek only to persuade others to live green but they provide very little in the way of help on how to do it. Amy has been around the industry for what seems like as long as the movement has been around and she takes her work and the people she coaches seriously.”

Glenn Garnes, Small Business Strategist, Marketing, Training,  Owner,  CEO (business partner)

(Regarding Amy’s Business/Life Coaching)

“Amy was amazing!  With her clear, concise direction she enabled us to pin point the direction of our business.  With this clarity we are able to focus on our target market and marketing materials knowing exactly how to go forward.  If you’re confused about your life’s path, please give Amy a call.  You will be so happy you did!”

C. Wagner, Folsom , CA
Co-Founder Inner Journeys Life Coaching

“Amy’s deep listening, brainstorming, mentoring, intuitive, and communication skills as a coach took me from some ideas for a new business to actually creating one. Even though I was feeling overwhelmed at the beginning, Amy took me through each element, step-by-step, nurturing me along the way. This helped me to accomplish the steps of getting each task of starting my business completed.

Amy has given me the support I needed to keep moving and looking forward and to never look back.

Her generosity of ideas and personal experience sparked my creative interest and together we created a new business based on my passions and talents.”

S. Gear, Los Angeles, CA

“Working with Amy has really helped me clarify my goals as I move forward in my business. She has a quick mind and excellently guided me from a place of confusion to a place of clarity and vision. Since our work together, I have been able to move forward in my business with confidence and new sense of purpose. Thanks so much Amy.”
Yuli Rodriguez, Folsom, CA

“Amy’s commitment, dedication, and knowledge gives her a big advantage in a profession just recently coming to the fore. Her early enthusiasm for “Green” came from personal conviction and experience and as time has passed her reputation has been well-established. She has walked the walk. Her persuasive intelligence and practical applications make transitioning from un-sustainable lifestyles and business practices to a much better way, easy and enjoyable. She is very highly recommended.”

Bill Purdin, Expert In New Business and Customer Retention

Amy Todisco has a dedication and passion for serving the planet and the lives sustained by it. She shares results of her own painstakingly performed research on products we all use and mistakenly trust. Her results are astonishing and thanks to her efforts, the products I use daily are healthier for me, my family and the earth we all depend on.

Bradlee Snow, Author, Speaker, & Advocate for animals

“I heartfully thank you for all that you have taught me. I feel I have more to learn so I hope you will continue to teach. You do it straightforward and humorously – give the seriousness and then most importantly some things you CAN do about it.. . I trust the products you recommend and I sincerely thank you for doing the research and caring so much to share it. You run a very personal business. It is great to be able to ask a question, and you will get back with a response.

Thanks for all that you do.”

-P. Nelson, Guam

“I have known Amy for decades – she’s the best! She believes in what she does and is committed to natural solutions. I ordered products from her company – all was perfect! She is a lovely person to know!”

Rorianne Shrade, NYC

‘”You are the find of the century! Your personal service is a thrill, and your opinion on “organic” products is just what I was searching for. Please don’t go away, and thank you again! I’ll hope to be a regular. I am just educating myself on the subject… Amy, thanks! You totally crack me up with your personal service, it’s the best! It makes me feel like I can chat with you.”

-Jamie G., Lindsay, CA

“Through my relationship with Amy, I have grown professionally and personally. Amy is dedicated to empowering and supporting women to create the business of their dreams and become financially independent. Her dedication makes her a unique entrepreneur. Amy’s extensive knowledge and skills as a Green Living Coach who supports her clients to align their lives according to their most authentic values, only adds to her ability to support women in achieving their life goals. As a Divorce and Life Reinvention Coach, I have gained invaluable guidance in creating the business and life that I desire. I highly recommend Amy as a coach, speaker, writer and workshop leader.”

Laura Campbell, Founder, Divorce and Life Transition Coach, The D Spot

“I feel like I just got a breath of fresh air. I stumbled upon your website a few minutes ago and I couldn’t stop reading. Thank you for putting up so much important info on your site. A few weeks ago I was looking on the Internet for organic shampoos and soaps after learning about all the harsh and dangerous ingredients in most shampoo. After learning about the ingredients in most products and some of the other reasons those chemicals are used for, I was shocked. I’m trying to learn everything I can so I can live as green as possible in the future. I definitely have a lot to learn and hope your website will teach me.

Kristy S., Elk Grove, CA

“I hired Amy as a life coach in a work exchange. Her personable style and creative approaches were very useful to me. Her work helped me work out some life issues I’d been chewing on.”

Gregg Banse, VT

“Thank you Amy! I bought this shampoo, conditioner and soap from you about 6 weeks ago as well. It was the first time I ever tried any kind of natural/organic personal care products and (obviously) I was thrilled. My husband can’t get over how soft my hair and skin is. It’s the first time since I was a child that my hair has been shiny and manageable instead of dull and frizzy. I will definitely be a repeat customer. “

Cynthia B. , Saint Petersburg, FL

“Thanks for your personal attention to my inquiry, concerns and search for the perfect product! I admire your commitment to a healthy, quality product– and dedication to our fragile environment! You convey an enthusiasm about your mission and business that is wonderful and inspiring…”

Barbara G., Washington, DC

“Thanks to you–I am such a believer in Aubrey Organics, and Vermont Soap Company. My eyes are no longer puffy and my headaches have decreased. My skin tone has improved dramatically. (My son’s acne has disappeared!) My scalp doesn’t itch. I simply had no idea all of the harmful chemicals that I was putting on my body. (I got my hair cut today and took my Aubrey shampoo and gel along with me so that I could have what works on me–and gave my hairdresser your card.) And, your shipping to places like Indiana is incredibly quick and reliable.

You are a gem.

Carol S, Fishers, IN

“Amy, I absolutely adore your Web site. I’ve only very recently
(within the past year) started learning about green living and have  been trying to remove chemicals from my home. I looking forward to receiving your newsletter and will be placing my first order very soon.”

Hanni, Orlando, FL

“I love your site. You’re doing an excellent service to those of us who wouldn’t have the time to research things ourselves. Keep up the fantastic work!”

Lynn M., Holly, MI

“Wow, your website is just amazing. It has a sort of feel to it that makes a person feel very comfortable and it is set up so it is very easy to navigate… I will send your link to my sister, and a few others I have in mind!”

Tina, Hidden Trails Western Products

“I am using the shampoo and the skin care products and I absolutely love them. Wow, the shampoo is great, and the skin care products too. What I love too is the aromatherapy. I am new to these organic and natural products. But I love them. Thank you for introducing them to me. I was surfing on the web for organic and found your website and liked it. The information presented was comprehensive about yourself, your mission and the products. Overall I felt the information and website to be high quality. I also liked the fact that you did so much research before choosing a product. After purchasing some of your products and experiencing the excellent service you provide, my trust was well placed. Thank you. Many thanks.”

Elza N., San Diego, CA

“Just got your newsletter and it is wonderful as always. A note on the Real Salt products. We started using this July 1st and I didn’t believe it would make such a difference for us. My children have been so pleased with this product they don’t eat the “other salt”. My oldest daughter is twenty years old and likens the “other salt” to cleaning products. After using Real Salt for one month the other stuff tastes nasty!! There are so many health benefits from using Real Salt too.

Loved the articles in your newsletter!!”

Nancy Baker

“I love your newsletter. It is so informative and interesting. You have been really busy, I can see from the information you so wonderfully compiled. All I can say is WOW, what a GREAT newsletter. Thanks.”

Natalie G., Swampscott, MA

“Amy, your columns are fantastic—it is a true “value add” for your customers.”

Dave Caldwell, CT

“Just a quick note to say how much I love the Aubrey shampoo and baby bar. So yummy…especially knowing that they are safe and eco-friendly, a top priority for me. Thank you also for the shipping credit. I will definitely be ordering from you again! You are the only shop, online or otherwise, that I found to carry truly green products. Many thanks to you and keep up the great work…we need more people like you.”

Jeanette S., Blacksburg, VA

“I was at first reluctant to spend $7.49 for a 16oz bottle of soap; however, much to my surprise the bottle lasted me over 5 months! And this is the best soap I have EVER used. This soap leaves my skin clean and smooth and I have had no problem whatsoever with itchy or dry skin, even in the depths of winter’s notorious dry air! This soap also makes an excellent lather for shaving, which adds to the fabulous value of this product. My first bottle ran out recently, and I can’t wait to get back to using
Vermont Soap Organics, Aloe Castile Soap!”

Doug Graver
Huntington, VT

“I purchased the earth aware a few weeks ago. I’m very happy with the results from the cleaner. I especially love the dishwasher tablets. They work great and you can really feel the difference. The dishes actually feel cleaner.”

Kyla H.,
Enosburg Falls, VT.

“Your facial products are absolutely wonderful. My skin has never felt or looked this good. My co-worker made the comment the other day, your face has a glow to it.

Thank you for your products. Everything I have tried on your site has been great. What I like about your site is that it is not overwhelming. You have studied the products you choose to sell and they are very good.

Thank you.”

I.B. from Michigan

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