Certified Organic Pearl Oyster Mushroom Indoor Growing Kit






Certified Organic Pearl Oyster Mushroom Indoor Growing Kit

Price: $25

Amy’s Opinion:

Are you looking for a product that will make you utter the words, “cool” and “amazing“? Then an organic mushroom growing kit is for you! These
kits are part science project, part organic gardening. And, you get to eat the mushrooms when they’re ready to harvest.

My stepfather, Ron, was a chef, and I sent him the Shiitake growing kit for his birthday one year. He said that the mushrooms were superb, and I really trust his culinary opinion. I’ve grown the pearl oyster mushrooms and they were delicious!

If you are the kind of person that likes to plant things and then check on them each day to see how much they’ve grown-you’ll love these. Or, if you just like the taste and nutritional benefits of mushrooms, then you’ll want them
fresh from your own kit. Makes an excellent gift, and they’re really easy to grow. The only thing I had to do was place the bag in a low light spot and cut a few slices into the plastic bag where the mushrooms were underneath trying
to get out. My bag arrived moist, so I really didn’t have to spritz it with water for a while.  (If you do, use only spring or well water, no chlorinated or distilled water.) And, mushrooms started growing after only about 5 days.

Ingredients: Certified organic mushroom kit containing pasteurized straw fully impregnated with the mushroom organism, mycelium.

Properties: Bouquets of pearl oyster mushrooms, one of the most popular mushroom kits, will flourish within 2 weeks of arrival. A 55-75º F
environment is needed. This kit produces a surprisingly abundant crop of tasty mushrooms. And you can inoculate your garden compost pile with it after the kit is done producing, so you can continue harvesting outdoors. Each kit comes with illustrated instructions and is guaranteed to produce. After these indoor kits stop producing, many of them can be used as spawn to inoculate outdoor garden composts and/or hardwood logs.

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