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Want to Live A Healthier, Greener Life?

Know Anyone Else Who Does?

Is doing this on your own working for you or do you need a mentor?

Did you know that every day household products
contain toxic synthetic chemicals?

The American Cancer Society states that
90% of cancer is environmental

1 out of 2 men and 1 out of 3 women
will have cancer sometime in their life


group mentoring

It doesn’t have to be this way. There are solutions.

Join My 7 week Transformational
Group Green Living
Mentoring Program

 There are only 20 spaces, so make sure you get yours.

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Imagine having access to your own green living expert who can answer your questions about:

  • healthy food,
  • growing your own,
  • cleaning your home
  • nontoxic body care

and more…

in the comfort of your own home.

And, the benefit of learning from the answers to other people’s questions and the group enthusiasm and momentum  for living a greener, healthier life?

 Seven Tuesday evenings from 6:30-7:30pm EST.


Plus, you will also receive a recording of all of the classes.

 What is it?

We will meet on the phone once a week for seven weeks for an hour. I’ll be sharing helpful green living information that you can use right away, as well as ample time for Q & A where you can get your questions answered. And, we’ll have some fun. This is a very interactive class. No boring lectures.

You will learn:

1. Organic Food:  3 essential steps to stocking your pantry with organic food, including which companies really are (still) independently owned and certified organic.

2. Organic Gardening: Five critical tips for successful organic gardening from a former backyard organic gardener turned organic farmer (me).

Amy Todisco

3. Nontoxic Cleaning: What everyone needs to know about conventional cleaners and the healthy alternatives

Green cleaning products

4. Energy Efficiency Ideas: Simple, affordable solutions for  energy savings that won’t break the bank


6. Natural Medicine Choices: 5 natural ways to build your immune system and improve your health

7. Natural Body Care: Tips for natural body care that will leave you looking and feeling terrific

“I heartfully thank you for all that you have taught me. I feel I have more to learn so I hope you will continue to teach. You do it straightforward and humorously – give the seriousness and then most importantly some things you CAN do about it.. . I trust the products you recommend and I sincerely thank you for doing the research and caring so much to share it. You run a very personal business. It is great to be able to ask a question, and you will get back with a response.

Thanks for all that you do.”

-P. Nelson, Guam


Isn’t it time you learned YOU learned
how to live a greener healthier lifestyle?

Why not learn from an expert who has already been there done that for over 20 years?


There are only 20 spaces, so make sure you get yours. Sign up now.

“I feel like I just got a breath of fresh air. I stumbled upon your website a few minutes ago and I couldn’t stop reading. Thank you for putting up so much important info on your site. A few weeks ago I was looking on the Internet for organic shampoos and soaps after learning about all the harsh and dangerous ingredients in most shampoo. After learning about the ingredients in most products and some of the other reasons those chemicals are used for, I was shocked. I’m trying to learn everything I can so I can live as green as possible in the future. I definitely have a lot to learn and hope your website will teach me.
Thanks!!!!”Kristy S., Elk Grove, CA

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