Recommended Green Books:

How To Easily Grow Organic Food Almost Anywhere, Amy Todisco, 2013 (Ecourse in an ebook format)

Organic Food On A Budget, Amy Todisco, 2008. (Ebook)

Fun, Affordable Green Travel, Amy Todisco, 2008. (Ebook)

Return To Earth Burials, Amy Todisco, 2008. (Ebook)

This is the first book that started me off when I was pregnant with my daughter. Easy to read paperback, chock full of information.

Clean And Green: The Complete Guide To Non-Toxic and Environmentally Safe Housekeeping, Annie Berthold-Bond.

Quintessential handbook for how to naturally remove spots, stains, and much more!

It’s Easy Been Green: A Handbook for Earth Friendly Living, Crissy Trask, Gibbs Smith Publisher, Salt Lake City

The Challenge of Childhood Diabetes: Family Strategies for Raising a Healthy Child, Laura Plunkett and Linda Weltner, IUniverse, New York

Written by my friend, Laura Plunkett. Fabulous book with many personal stories and great insights for how to handle your child’s Type 1 Diabetes. Useful for adults too.

Met Sandra Steingraber. She’s a fabulous writer and excellent scientist. Great information in here.


Debra Lynn Dadd is one of the early pioneers in green living, even before me. Chock full of great information.

Other Great Books That I Love that focus on personal growth/spirituality. I believe in a whole person approach to health:

Truly fascinating book. Talks about the new scientific revolution. Our thoughts actually create a chemical need in our cells that  become addicted to certain repetitive thoughts. Mind blowing. Worth the read.

Fabulous exercises to prove to yourself that there is more than just the human brain that plays a role in our lives. My favorite was “The Dude Abides”exercise.

This was one of the first books I read that launched my spiritual growth inquiry. Love Alan Cohen’s writing, he tells great stories to  illustrate spiritual principles.

Don’t think the title really does justice to this book. It’s one of my favorites. So many great spiritual principles are covered. It’s my “go-to” Alan Cohen book.


Environmental Working Group
-excellent activist group working on many important issues

United States Environmental Protection Agency
-EPA tour of the home to find toxins

PBS: Trade Secrets
-great list of web resources

Scorecard : Get the Facts on Local Pollution
-excellent-find out about toxics in your community

Natural Home Magazine
-beautiful magazine with great natural home examples and ideas

Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides
-advancing healthy solutions to pest problems is the most complete guide to information about Personal Growth on the Internet

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