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Bob "The Green Guy" Farnham                       

My colleague, Bob “The Green Guy” Farnham, and I have teamed up to create a complimentary resource for those of you who are small business owners and entrepreneurs called, The Healthy Wealthy Entrepreneur.

What is The Healthy Wealthy Entrepreneur (HWE)?

Bob and I are devoted to helping small business owners and entrepreneurs improve their health and business wealth through a variety of tips and techniques that we’ve been using to build our own businesses.

Why The HWE?

Small business owners and entrepreneurs are busy folks, right? We don’t have time to be sick or dealing with health problems. It gets in our way and we can’t be as productive as we’d like. And, we want to enjoy our lives while we build our successful businesses.

The reality is that we live in a toxic world. We want to stay healthy without simply masking the symptoms with over the counter or prescription drugs.

Bob and I want to share with you:

  • the green living and natural health tips, strategies and resources that we’ve been using to stay healthy.
  • how to create a nontoxic, organized, and supportive office space. You’ll be amazed at how much more effective and productive you will become.
  • the cool technology tools and resources we’re using to save time and money and increase your productivity.
  • the best advice and resources that we have gleaned from a group of mentors we’ve been following.

Why recreate the wheel? There is so much information available, but who has time to research what to pay attention to? What really works? We’ve done the work for you.

Busy entrepreneurs and business owners need information fast, that’s easy to understand, and that someone has already tested out.

Healthy Body: Do you believe that having a healthy body and lifestyle can help you run your business more effectively? Being preoccupied with health issues can divert needed energy, focus, money and time away from building a successful business.

Healthy Office Space: Does your office space promote health with clean indoor air and natural light? Is it clutter free and comfortable? Where you spend the majority of your time does affect your productivity, concentration, and ability to effectively grow your business.

Time Saving Business Tips: Are you taking advantage of the time saving, cutting edge technology available to business owners today? Have you heard about the benefits of social media, Google+ hangouts, tech tools, and other resources that can help you streamline your time and energy to become more productive and effective?

Inspirational Resources: You’ve probably heard about the need for mentors who have already achieved what we are looking to accomplish. How do you sort through all of the resources and people out there wanting to help?

Which ones are really useful and the “real deal”? The Healthy Wealthy Entrepreneur may be your answer.

Who’s Behind THWE?

Bob Farnham (a.k.a. Bob The Green Guy) and I, Amy Todisco (a.k.a. The Go To Gal for Green Living), long time “green” experts and entrepreneurs have teamed up to bring you the best of what we have found to help you and your business increase its physical and financial health. Weekly podcasts, regular blog posts and “how to” videos will help you get up to speed on how to live a greener healthier lifestyle, and use the best of what’s out there to increase your bottom line and the reach of your business. Honest, well researched, and personally tested information.

More information to come.

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