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Check out a conversation I had with my wonderful life/equine coach and friend, Janis Cooper, about what horses can teach us about ourselves.  


Survey Results Are In!

by Amy on February 8, 2017

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Over 70 people participated in my survey and the results were so helpful as well as fascinating. What did I learn? That the overall majority wanted 2 or 3 night retreats on the weekends. Okay, you got it. Summer and Fall in Vermont were the most popular-so for 2017, I’m starting in June and ending in October. […]


Women, Your Feedback Is Needed.

by Amy on October 31, 2016

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Hello there, I’m gathering some market research about my personal growth and wellness retreat offerings to be sure that I’m tailoring them to YOUR needs. Please take 1-2 minutes to share your thoughts. And, please share with any other women who you think would be interested. Take survey here. Thank you! Amy


Join us on Facebook!

by Amy on October 16, 2016

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I know I haven’t been posting much here in awhile. That’s because the interesting conversations are happening on the Green Living Now Facebook page.  There are over 5100 people there reading the timely informative articles that I’ve been posting and commenting. It feels like blogs and websites, though they lend a sense of credibility, don’t really […]


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Imagine you’re driving into the Mad River Valley to attend one of our summer retreats at the Inn at the Round Barn Farm. You’ll notice a distinct lack of stop lights, billboards, and fast food joints along the way. You might even take a deep breath just driving over the border into Vermont. I still […]


Why Do We Work With Horses in Our Retreats?

by Amy on February 3, 2016

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In this video I share some of the reasons why my retreat goers spend a day working with Janis Cooper and her horses. Horses are prey animals–that means they are often hunted by other animals in the wild. They’ve developed a very impressive sensory system that alerts them to danger. It also allows them to pick […]


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  Those who have been following me as a green living expert and educator for many years may be wondering why I’m creating and leading personal growth and wellness retreats. Because it’s my passion!! Yes, I’ve been practicing, inspiring and educating people towards a greener healthier way of life for over 22 years. I’m also […]


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In July of 2014, I launched the pilot for the Food, Healing and Wellness program. It’s now called the Your Turning Point Retreats. Six women were signed up, 3 were veterans. It was held at our organic farm in Waitsfield, Vermont. At first the program was designed specifically for female veterans, helping them heal from PTSD, sexual […]


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GUEST POST by Collin Seward The used hybrid market is booming, with some 415,000 for sale from individuals in Los Angeles to car dealers in Little Rock, The New York Times reports. If you’re hoping to trade in that old clunker for a more fuel-efficient car, a used hybrid may be just what you have been […]


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For the past two decades, Americans have begun to realize that green is the new black. Everyone from celebrities, soccer moms, and our nation’s leaders has seemingly fallen head over heels for the “going green” phenomenon, just as long as it’s convenient for them. But for those of us who recognize that a healthier, more […]