New in 2018- Experiential Food & Farm Tours

by Amy on January 15, 2018

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Food and Farm Tours Coming Soon! I’m refocusing my business by offering experiential food and farm tours around the Mad River Valley of Vermont. I help connect people with outstanding food, and the people that grow, raise and produce it, through hands-on experiences. The Vermont Food & Farm Tours will take you to farms and […]


How I’ve Switched to Green Cleaning

by Amy on September 30, 2017

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How I’ve Switched to Green Cleaning GUEST POST by Emily Folk: I don’t know if life feels this way for everyone, but sometimes I just get stuck in cleaning mode. You know, where you pick everything up in the living room, do the dishes, bathe the family pet and then by the time you’ve gone to bed, the house […]


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The earth is being poisoned by selfish polluters. Much of our food is toxic. Our homes are filled with toxic chemical products. Our neighbors are spraying pesticides in their yard and it’s drifting into our organic garden, or getting on our children and pets. We hear these messages regularly and yet how do you deal with […]


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GUEST POST by Collin Seward The used hybrid market is booming, with some 415,000 for sale from individuals in Los Angeles to car dealers in Little Rock, The New York Times reports. If you’re hoping to trade in that old clunker for a more fuel-efficient car, a used hybrid may be just what you have been […]


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For the past two decades, Americans have begun to realize that green is the new black. Everyone from celebrities, soccer moms, and our nation’s leaders has seemingly fallen head over heels for the “going green” phenomenon, just as long as it’s convenient for them. But for those of us who recognize that a healthier, more […]


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“The United States makes up only 4.6 percent of the world’s population, but consumes 80 percent of its opioids — and 99 percent of the world’s hydrocodone, the opiate that is in Vicodin.” (ABC News, April 20, 2011) Holy moley, Americans are a people in pain. Or, at least we think we are. Doctors are […]


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Ugh, more reasons not to trust our food supply. “So for instance, say Vietnam allows higher residues of veterinary antibiotics in seafood than the U.S. allows, and Vietnam and the U.S. both sign on to the TPP. As a trade partner, the U.S. could be forced to lower its standards to allow for imports of […]


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I’ve never really been a fan of compact fluorescent bulbs because of the mercury, though I certainly love to save energy. Now there’s a new concern: harmful ultraviolet radiation. What? A Stony Brook University study says that the University “has proven that CFLs do emit ultraviolet (UV) light rays that can harm human skin cells.” […]


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Does this symbol have any valid meaning? No! Do you have trouble figuring out what all of those food label claims mean? Have you heard of “grass fed,” or “all natural,” or “fair trade?” Here’s your guide: Believe it or not there are several varieties of “organic food.” 1. First, and I think best, is […]


Only $19.95 This is an e-course in an ebook format. Worried about maintaining your access to truly fresh, affordable, healthy food? Thought about growing your own nutritious, organic food but need some guidance from someone who has done it for years? Planting the seeds for organic gardening success from a 20 year backyard organic gardener […]

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