Amy Todisco, Green Expert, Green ConsultantAmy Todisco here. For the past 20+ years I’ve been your “Go to Gal” on the whys and hows of living a healthier greener life based on personal experience. I’ve helped people reduce their exposure to toxic chemicals from every day household products, like shampoo and cleaning products, as well as sharing healthier practices so that they can feel more control and improve/preserve their good health. There is so much information out there, it’s hard to know whom to trust. I’m one of the early green pioneers that has done a lot of research AND put it into practice, so you don’t have to spend the time.

That’s been hugely rewarding AND I was looking for a way to make a more powerful impact and inspire bigger changes (yes, I’m one of those people trying to make the world a healthier, happier, better place for everyone). And, I wanted to add some of the other aspects of how I’ve been living a healthier, happier, more joyful lifelike practicing “eco-mindfuless” (my new term), manifesting stuff via creating vision boards, organic gardening, life coaching with horses, and more. So, I created a new program called “Food, Healing and Wellness.” The main idea behind it is to (1) share pathways to wellness, (2) create a conscious community of people, and (3) help others find and express their true best selves (I discovered that this was one of my gifts). We held the pilot program this past July (2014) at the organic farm on which I live, Hartshorn Farm in Vermont. I’m in the midst of planning next season’s programs. Go here to read more about the programs.)

Watch this TV news story on the program. (Be sure to check out the extended interview to the bottom right with veteran, Michaelyn Crosby–very powerful.)

Our documentary is coming out soon.

Wanna learn more and get on the waiting list for next season’s programs (which will be one week long, and beginning in May, 2015)? Email me.

Here’s what some of the participants said about the program:

The program has had a positive impact on my overall attitude of day to day occurrences that might otherwise have instigated an anxiety attack. Several people close to me have recognized an improvement in my overall demeanor.”

The program made me concentrate on me as my best self. My best self is pretty good; caring conscientious and able to give people space- so they reaped the rewards.”

This program was the perfect manifestation of everything I would envision for a holistic healing program.”

My program in the news…

WCAX TV News coverage

Radio Interview with Stephanie Kathan, Leading Edge Talk

Coverage from our local paper, The Valley Reporter

Burlington Free Press article mention

Where I started with green living…

I worked in my first health food store at age 16 in NYC. But, my journey really got underway  when I was pregnant with my fabulous daughter, Diana, over 21 years ago. While reading the book, The Nontoxic Baby, in 1992, I had questions, such as, “Why are there toxic chemicals in every day household products, including our food? How can this be legal? Can they affect my health, or my baby-to-be?”

I soon found out that, yes, there are toxic synthetic chemicals in every day supermarket brand household products. What’s worse though is that  some of those same chemicals are in the brands marketed as “natural”  and “organic” that you find in natural food stores. This was too much for me to accept. So, this conscientious mother-to-be went on  a research crusade to find out which products really were natural and  nontoxic. Not an easy task. And, as someone who can’t help but share what I’ve learned with others, I’ve been doing just that ever since.

I love how on her website she will give you her own personal experience in a write up that is engaging, full of valuable information, and with just the right touch of humor. In other aspects, I have come to know, and cherish the brand of professionalism Amy embodies when it comes to any kind of business dealings. In an age where so many “claim” to be professionals in their field, I find it unacceptable how often these individuals get away with offering quick, and often useless information, and still manage to make a sale. Not Amy. Her word is her promise. A rare find in my honest opinion.”

Will Keyworth, Owner at Keyworth Graphics

My Biography:

I began my work as a community activist in 1995, where I created community educational events; founded and co-founded several nonprofits; served as Executive Director for two nonprofits; provided presentations on household toxics; consulted with private and public schools; churches, community groups, local boards of health, and the MA State Department of Public Health; written on the topic of household  toxics for newspapers, newsletters and websites; and been interviewed on  TV, radio and Internet radio.

I was featured on Vermont Public Television, WCAX TV in Burlington, Vermont, was contacted by a producer from The Oprah Winfrey Show, interviewed for an online article for FoxNews.com, and a Rachel  Ray magazine article, and have been featured in several magazines and newspapers, including: The  Seven Days, Burlington, VT, Christian Science Monitor, and In With Skin.  I appeared with my organic farmer life partner,  Dave, in Vermont Life, and Farm & Ranch Magazine. Wiley Publishing hired me to be the technical editor for the Green Living for Dummies book. I’m the author of the powerful Greener Life Guides ebook series. I’m also a Co-author of the Amazon best seller book, You Make A Difference: 50 Heart Centered Entrepreneurs Share Their Stories of Inspiration and Transformation.

What grew out of a desire to find the safest, most environmentally friendly lifestyle choices for my family blossomed into a full-blown passion. I became the trusted voice for those who are looking for a truly organic and natural way of life.

“Amy was an early visionary pioneer in the field of Green Living. She has amassed a wealth of knowledge in this arena that is incomparable. While many people can talk about the current condition of things, she can see and talk to a future where we all live healthier and more holistically. Her positive, practical and insightful way of gently guiding us in that direction is full of heart and passion. She is a great asset to every project she works on and is enormously generous and collaborative.”

Theresa Langston, Web Designer/Consultant, Net-Spin

To work with me personally, or for more information, email me. To read more reviews, go here.

My formal education:

B.A. in Psychology from Wheaton College, Norton, MA (Junior year exchange at Bowdoin College)

Trained in 2 life coaching programs: Coaching From Spirit (32 week live training), and Health Coaching U (12 month intensive training)

Graduate of: The Rockwood Leadership Institute’s, “Art of Leaedrship program (2001); the 60 hour Erhard Seminars Training (est) training (1976)  and multiple advanced workshops;  the Prospect Rock Permaculture Design Certificate course (2013 with Starhawk and Keith Morris); Polarity Therapy Certificate (1990), Trigger point therapy certificate from the Esalen Institute (and a one month work study training at Esalen); Level One (21 hour) Lifeprint Hand Analyst from the International Institute of Hand Analysis (2010).

What is “Green Living” Anyway?

In it’s simplest terms, I think of it as non-toxic, earth friendly living. It includes what we eat & drink; the products we use on our bodies and in our homes; the way we handle our trash and food waste; our energy consumption both in our homes & offices; as well as how we get around, our healthcare choices; how we raise our children and care for our pets; and more.

Why Go Green?

The quick answer is to protect your health, prevent illness, save money, and care for the planet we live on.

We live in an increasingly polluted place. Our indoor environments contain hundreds of chemicals, some of which are toxic, many of which we purchase and unknowingly bring into our living and working spaces.

We eat food that is often unhealthy, lacks nutrients, is over processed, and shipped from far away places. The very manner in which it is grown depletes the soils, pollutes the air, water and soil, and decreases our ability to fight off illness.

It doesn’t have to be this way. We can still live in modern society while also safeguarding our health and the health of our homes, work spaces, and the planet. And, it’s really not that hard to do. We have far more choices than we did 20+ years ago when I got started.


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