About Amy

Amy Todisco here. Here’s the quick version on my background:

  • Over 35 years of personal & spiritual growth research, and personal experience
  • 20+ years nationally recognized green living expert & educator
  • Certified life and health coach
  • Massage & polarity therapist
  • Organic gardener and farmer
  • Technical Editor for the Green Living for Dummies book
  • Food & Farm Tours Creator and Guide
  • Kid’s Farm Camp Creator & Leader
  • Equine Assisted Leadership Retreat Facilitator with Janis Cooper and the horses
  • Nonprofit Leader: Mad River Valley Chamber of Commerce (Chair for 2 years-played significant role in turning around the organization), Founder & Former Chair of the Mad River Valley Wellness Alliance, and more…

The longer version:

I  started living a greener life when I was only 10. My mom, sister, and I ate organic food, and I even did a 10 day fruit and veggie juice fast when I was a teen. I learned a lot about organic whole foods, natural household products, and vitamins when I worked at 2 different health food stores, starting when I was 15.

For the past 20+years, I have advised, inspired, and encouraged clients to adopt a Green Living plan for their lives—eat healthier, grow and shop for organic food, stay away from toxic cleaning, body care, and household products, and be sure that their children were introduced to this way of life too.

About 16 years ago, I was hired by Seventh Generation to be the Executive Director of the nonprofit, the Household Toxins Institute. Our plan was to hire toxicologists to test a variety of natural household products for potential indoor air pollutants. We wanted to create a list of preferred products based on science, not just the manufacturer’s claims.

In addition to my passion for green living, I’ve also been on a spiritual and personal growth path beginning with the very popular 1970’s personal growth program called est, where I realized my life purpose of being a catalyst for positive change wherever I put my attention and beginning with my own life first. I fully believe in walking the talk. Over the years,  I became a certified life and health coach and massage/energy healer. I even took a course on how to read fingerprints and hand lines. I’ve been gardening organically for most of my adult life and have lived on an organic farm in Vermont for the past 9  years. I created and lead farm camps for kids at our farm, Hartshorn Certified Organic Farm, previously led personal growth and wellness retreats, and now have launched my new business, Vermont Food & Farm Tours.  We also do special events at the farm: four food festivals, farm to table dinners, special events, and host school kids from our local community.

My Biography:

I began my work as a community activist in 1995, where I created community educational events; founded and co-founded several nonprofits; served as Executive Director for two nonprofits; provided presentations on household toxics; consulted with private and public schools; churches, community groups, local boards of health, and the MA State Department of Public Health; written on the topic of household  toxics for newspapers, newsletters and websites; and been interviewed on  TV, radio and Internet radio.

I was featured on Vermont Public Television, WCAX TV in Burlington, Vermont (and here), was contacted by a producer from The Oprah Winfrey Show, interviewed for an online article for FoxNews.com, and a Rachel  Ray magazine article, and have been featured in several magazines and newspapers, including: The  Seven Days, Burlington, VT, Christian Science Monitor, and In With Skin.  I appeared with my organic farmer life partner,  Dave, in Vermont Life, and Farm & Ranch Magazine. Wiley Publishing hired me to be the technical editor for the Green Living for Dummies book. I’m the author of the powerful Greener Life Guides ebook series.

What grew out of a desire to find the safest, most environmentally friendly lifestyle choices for my family blossomed into a full-blown passion. I became the trusted voice for those who are looking for a truly organic and natural way of life.

In addition to my passion for green living, I’ve also been on a spiritual and personal growth path since I was 13. Unusual, I know. I took the popular (in the 1970’s) personal growth seminar called est. I’ve read 100’s of books on spirituality, holistic health, personal growth, law of attraction, and so much more. I’m trained as a life and health coach and a massage therapist/energy healer, and have been gardening organically for most of my adult life. I’ve been living on an organic farm in Vermont for the past 9 years.

Check out the documentary from the first season of my former retreats:

Watch this TV news story on the program. (Be sure to check out the extended interview to the bottom right with veteran, Michaelyn Crosby–very powerful.

My program in the news…

WCAX TV News coverage

Radio Interview with Stephanie Kathan, Leading Edge Talk

Coverage from our local paper, The Valley Reporter

Burlington Free Press article mention

I love how on her website she will give you her own personal experience in a write up that is engaging, full of valuable information, and with just the right touch of humor. In other aspects, I have come to know, and cherish the brand of professionalism Amy embodies when it comes to any kind of business dealings. In an age where so many “claim” to be professionals in their field, I find it unacceptable how often these individuals get away with offering quick, and often useless information, and still manage to make a sale. Not Amy. Her word is her promise. A rare find in my honest opinion.”

Will Keyworth, Owner at Keyworth Graphics

“Amy was an early visionary pioneer in the field of Green Living. She has amassed a wealth of knowledge in this arena that is incomparable. While many people can talk about the current condition of things, she can see and talk to a future where we all live healthier and more holistically. Her positive, practical and insightful way of gently guiding us in that direction is full of heart and passion. She is a great asset to every project she works on and is enormously generous and collaborative.”

Theresa Langston, Web Designer/Consultant, Net-Spin


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